5 Ways We’re Saving the Planet

Di Loreto Green Home

Conscience is the inner perception of objections to definite wish impulses that exist in us; but the emphasis is put upon the fact that this rejection does not have to depend on anything else, that it is sure of itself.

At Di Loreto Homes, we think Earth Day should be celebrated all year long. We are committed to green practices and we believe living green is about embracing better ways to live, healthier homes, increased energy and water efficiency, improving the communities in which we live, and most importantly, improving our planet. Green certification byHome Innovation Research Labs recognizes residences that meet the highest environmental performance standards and we are the only homebuilder in Reno to be certified green. Here are 5 ways We’re Saving the Planet this Earth Day:


When it comes to conserving water, small adjustments can have a big impact. Water Saving Green Features include:

  • Desert Style Landscaping
  • Water Saving 1.28 gallons per flush toilets
  • Shower heads produce less than 2.5 gallons per minute
  • Rain Gutters are connected to the storm drain
  • Water conservation zoned irrigation for front yard planting area, bedding and landscape


Conserving energy is an important way to reduce unnecessary strain on the environment and bring down electricity expenses. By taking measures like reassessing how much you need to use appliances, using lights only when necessary, and insulating your home can go a long way toward shrinking your carbon footprint. We have made it easy for our homeowners to conserve.

  • Hardwired lighting fixtures and light bulbs are Energy Star rated
  • Energy Star rated 92% on demand tankless gas water heater
  • Heating & Air Conditioning system balanced for appropriate airflow
  • Door between garage and conditioned space is tightly sealed


Everyday chemicals used to wash our bodies, clean our homes and even those used to build our homes eventually get washed down the drain or absorbed in the grass, and end up in the water supply. We make an effort to eliminate unnecessary chemicals.

  • Carpet, carpet cushion, carpet adhesives are certified by a third party program for Green Features
  • Cabinets and Insulation are free of formaldehyde


Everything we throw in the garbage is going to end up in a landfill. Plus, all that trash – plastic, paper, metal, and whatnot – was likely manufactured using unsustainable practices that hurt the health of the earth’s land and used our natural resources. At Di Loreto Homes, we believe by reducing waste, we can reduce our impact.

  • Use of building materials with recycled content
  • Pre-cut framing materials
  • Manufactured pre-cut, pre-assembled roof trusses
  • Framing Software used to minimize lumber waste


Plants protect the land from being eroded and are an integral part of the ecosystem. By planting trees and bushes unique to our region, we replenish the earth and add to the natural environment. Plants also improve the water and air quality. By planting species native to the desert, we also reduce water waste.

  • Desert Style Landscape

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