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Green Features

Home Innovation NGBS Green Certified  Now You Can Go Green With Confidence

Living green is about embracing better ways to live. It’s about healthier homes. It’s about increasing energy and water efficiency. It’s about helping improve the communities in which we live. Green certification by Home Innovation Research Labs recognizes residences that meet the highest environmental performance standards.

As an independent, third-party inspection agency, Home Innovation Research Labs is recognized as the nation’s premier residential building product testing laboratory. We understand every aspect of home building and our green certificate is awarded only to those residences that are in compliance with the rigorous National Green Building Standard (NGBS). Living in a Home Innovation NGBS Green Certified Home is truly living green.

Green Certified Standard Features Include –

  • Circulating Hot Water Loop
  • Use Of Building Materials With Recycled Content
  • Pre-Cut Framing Materials
  • Manufactured Pre-Cut, Pre-Assembled Roof Trusses
  • Framing Software Used To Minimize Lumber Waste
  • Pre-Assembled Wall Framing
  • Energy Saving Framing Techniques
  • Desert Style Xeriscape
  • Water Saving 1.28 Gallons Per Flush Toilets
  • Perimeter Foundation Insulation
  • Drip Edge Installed At All Roof Eaves
  • Unused Construction Materials Recycled Off Site
  • Batt And Loose Insulation Are Held In Place
  • Insulation Is Verified For Compliance By Third Party
  • Hardwired Lighting Fixtures And Light Bulbs Are Energy Star Rated
  • Air leakage test performed within the living area by third party
  • Air leakage test performed on Heating & Air Conditioning Ducts
  • All ducts are insulated with R8 value

Recognition from Nahb-logo

  • 2013 Project Of The Year: Single Family Home
  • 2015 NGBS Green Certification Partners Of Excellence – Top 9
  • Residential Builder In The Nation
  • 2016 NGBS Green Certification Partner of Excellence
  • Featured In Modern Home Builder Magazine
  • 2017 Partners of Excellence